MGS is out

The app was published on the Play Store but quickly declined, as expected, still worth trying. Which means that we need your help to share it as much as possible! We really do, otherwise we cannot keep up with the costs of our server!

Here are the final screenshots (dark theme, better for the eye):

And here you can download MGS V.1.2.3:


Further delay

As you may have noticed MGS will be delayed once again, it’s regarding server costs. We don’t have enough money to kick it off again so we try to collaborate with other modding websites about sharing servers. We’re trying our best.

MGS is finished

So the app is done, we have no more coding left to do. The only thing required now before launch is to rent a server, we’re waiting for some money to fall in so we can do that. A couple of days from now it will be available from the Play Store, we will also notify you then.

Here you can see some screenshots of MGS, coded from scratch, better than ever:

Note that the games displayed in the screenshots are just for testing

Stay tuned…

Sorry for not posting!

I apologize for not posting anything lately, the idea was to keep you all up-to-date but a lot came in the way e.g. christmas, new year and a new phone for me to work on (the old one broke just before holidays).

Just wanted to let you know that the app should be done soon, nothing fancy but it will work for now. We will focus on adding as many games as possibble instead of working on app’s functions & layout.

Thank you all for waiting!


Here is a screenshot of MGS new “most popular” page, which also is the landing page.

Only things that are missing in the screen is some shadows and a “more options” function with more info about each modded game.

Is anyone really interested?

We have picked up this small project once more and the app is on it’s way to finish (We’ll post some proof later)

But we’d like to know if there really is an interest for MGS? after all these years of this unstable app…

If you really want MGS back please let us know in the comments, just post something, so we can see if there are someone out there that would install it when we launch it again. Thanks.