<:MGS – Modded Game Store

Developed by: CKapps “askncan” , promoted by Sharkblades & ProHex @ IOSCoderz

App written in B4A (http://basic4ppc.com/)

In app design & icon design: CKapps & “askncan”

Promoted on Google Play (https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.ckapps.mgs)

All the games are free and modded on a non terms violating way*

*As the license’s of the apps say

NOTE: MGS is yet a project, developing and getting better for every single update we make!


31 thoughts on “About

    • Yes, the version that is out now will be dead forever, a new version will be up on Google Play in a few hour, that is an FTP version, which means that the game list will update automatically without you downloading a new update.

      BTW. we have added a lot’s of new games to the latest update.

  1. Hey when I click on a game to download, it stops at a certain amount of MB, snd where can I find the downloaded games that I downloaded?

    • When it stops, it means that it’s done (I couldn’t make it better, sorry) then a messagebox will popup telling you that the game is saved to your SD card root (not i a folder)

      • Well what I meant was, when I was trying to download inotia3 it had stopped at 13Mb, retried it, it goes up to 19Mb and stops. Nothing happened after that. It stayed at 19Mb for about 30 minutes, and the file is usually around 24-30Mb.

  2. Im just tryin to figure out if inotia3 is still iap, cuz I try to buy gems and a error comes up. I checked the inventory and theres unlimited coins only… I liked the iap to buy gems to get stuff in the adventure shop tho…

    • Have you enabled “Unknown sources” in your settings? if so the game itself is broken, would you tell me what game it is so we can fix it?

  3. Playstore version doesn’t work. Are there any downloads to make it work? The interface is cut in half, and there are no games. Also, it doesn’t match the most recent pictures you guys posted. I had this app a very long while ago and worked flawlessly. Help!

    • The last posted picture is of the new one we’re working on. Since MGS has been down for a year by now all versions you can find on the internet will not work.

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