Is anyone really interested?

We have picked up this small project once more and the app is on it’s way to finish (We’ll post some proof later)

But we’d like to know if there really is an interest for MGS? after all these years of this unstable app…

If you really want MGS back please let us know in the comments, just post something, so we can see if there are someone out there that would install it when we launch it again. Thanks.


12 thoughts on “Is anyone really interested?

      • I wanted to know if I could help you with the app. You can kik me using the same username as I use on here. I have learned some coding recently and I learned to use several well known applications to create android apps. Thanks.

  1. Yes lots of people want an app like this. If it doesn’t seem like then its because they’re too lazy to comment or they just don’t comment. But think of all the people in the world who use modded games. There’s millions of people. Just got to wait for them to get a hold of the app.

    • Well said, sadly we have other projects for clients right now slowing the coding of MGS down. We will however have this to think about, it will be released again.
      Thanks Ant 🙂

  2. I love this app i remember. When i first seen it on thr market i was like i gotta have it i have to i havr to have it and i loved the app ever. Since then it sucks most people are lazy to comment tho(no one on here) but those who truly. Love anf effort you guys put into. Your work. It. Inspired. Me i want to be like u guys and do coding make. Games and bring smiles to peoples faces again just. Like the head of nintendo did for me before he passed

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